In what can only be considered a win for the bat industry, Liev Schreiber who played the lead role in the seven-season series Ray Donovan has recently discussed the possibility of him returning for a reboot of the show.

The Showtime series, which premiered in 2013, follows Ray Donovan, a fixer in Los Angeles who was ready to do whatever was necessary to protect his elite clientele. Schreiber along with an impressive cast would go on to build a huge following of fans before the show was canceled in 2020. That move drew the ire of the cast and fans of the show before the release of Ray Donovan: The Movie early this year. Per Variety, Schreiber was speaking during the Karlovy Vary Intl. Film Festival this past Sunday and discussed the possibility of reprising the titular role saying it is something he would consider. Here is his comment in full:

“I would consider it. It was always [longtime Showtime chief] David Nevins’ baby. I know he loves this character and this story, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear more from David.”

Besides Schreiber, other cast members on the hit series include Paula Malcomson, Eddie Marsan, Dash Mihok, Pooch Hall as Daryll Donovan, Katherine Moennig and Kerris Dorsey, to name a few.

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The actor also revealed that he was moved by the outpouring of love he received when the series was canceled, stating “I didn’t know that many people loved it. You realize that seven years of work that you were doing for money really moved some people. That meant a lot to me.”

Schreiber also spoke about his childhood, his memory challenges, and his grandfather, who had emigrated from Ukraine. He said:

“My grandfather never talked about his past or where he was from, never spoke Ukrainian, Polish or Yiddish. When he died, I went to a psychiatrist and had my head examined. I thought: ‘Shit. If I forget this person, who I know nothing about, this is going to be really horrible.’ That was the beginning of my creative writing.”

His ties to Ukraine also come to play as he discussed how he is looking to offer aid to the people of Ukraine during this difficult time through his non-profit BlueCheck Ukraine. Speaking about the Ukrainian citizens, Schreiber added “They were doing all the work.”

Though Schreiber is interested in a reboot, one might not be happening anytime soon given that Showtime’s feature-length film was released a few months ago. It is not certain if Showtime will consider a reboot but Schreiber being open to the idea remains a good sign.

Schreider is currently working on miniseries A Small Light.